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NUK Genius Brochure - Naturally ingenious: the new NUK Genius.

The new NUK Genius adopts nature’s principle and combines it with the latest medical findings and particularly clever technical details. After all, our engineers and dental specialists have been persistent in improving the tried-and-tested NUK Shape and have optimised many parts of the NUK Genius: making it 45% softer, 35% thinner, 9% narrower and even smoother than before. It is now particularly soft on the top, has an extra-flat baglet and an even thinner teat neck. Naturally ingenious: the new NUK Genius. These improvements make the NUK Genius the best soother of its kind as it moulds itself gently to your baby’s palate and leaves the tongue plenty of space. Its optimised shape results in it having as little pressure as possible on the palate and being particularly kind to the teeth and jaw. A NUK Genius Soother is so versatile and its effect on your child so simple too: happy and content – as naturally as possible. - Extra-flat baglet - Naturally shaped like a mother’s nipple - Especially soft on the top - Particularly thin teat neck 45% softer 9% narrower smoother 35% thinner

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